“Mountain Top” Experiences

Take a moment and reflect on a time when you encountered a “mountain top” experience of faith.  What was the context or circumstance of the experience? Were you participating in unhindered worship, passionate prayer, or an encouraging time of biblical study? How did the “mountain top” experience make you feel? Did you experience joy, happiness, confidence, or love?

We all desire “mountain top” experiences of faith.  When the experience ends, we leave feeling fulfilled, confident that we’ve experienced the God of our faith, and we can’t wait for the next “mountain top” experience to arrive.  But is our faith sustained by “mountain top” experiences? Does our faith only grow while we’re standing on the summit? Or is our faith mostly implemented while we walk through the valleys of life?

Read Matthew 17:1-9.

  1. Was this a “mountain top” experience for Peter, James, and John?
  2. What was Peter’s reaction to the experience?
  3. Did the disciples remain on the mountain with Jesus?