Studying the Bible: Part III


Christians are called to read the Bible devotionally, obediently, and prayerfully while depending on the Holy Spirit, working through faith, to bring about Christ-centered transformation in their lives.  The Holy Spirit transforms individuals into a truer image of Christ by enabling us to correctly understand God’s Word, and empowering us to actively and logically study the Bible.

Read Multiply pgs. 124 – 126 & pgs. 133 – 136.

  1. What does considering the context of verses in the Bible mean?
  2. Why is the context important?

Read Multiply pgs. 127 – 128.

  1. Is there a difference between interpretation and application?
  2. Are there multiple interpretations of scripture?

Read Multiply pgs. 129 – 131.

  1. How do we find the “plain meaning” of scripture?

Read the “Let Go of Your Baggage” Section of Multiply on pg. 136.

  1. Why is it important to abandon our “baggage” when we read the Bible?