Sharing Faith

One of the popular quotes in Christian culture today is, “Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words.”  While not completely wrong [the Gospel needs proclamation through Christ-like actions], in Romans 10:17 the apostle Paul teaches, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.”  Unbelievers need to hear the verbal proclamation of the Gospel. Witnessing Gospel-influenced actions certainly aids the presentation of the Gospel, but it is not equivalent to verbally communicating the Gospel.

Read John 4:1-45.

  1. Did Jesus present the Gospel while conversing with the Samaritan women?
  2. How did Jesus proclaim the Gospel?
  3. Contextualizing [in the Christian Context] is proclaiming the Gospel with language, concepts, and metaphors faithful to scripture and understandable to people [Patrick, 2010].
    • What metaphor or image did Jesus use to contextualize the Gospel?
    • How can you contextualize the Gospel with your peers?

Read Exodus 4:12.

  1. Does God equip us for proclaiming the Gospel?
  2. In what ways does God equip us to share the Gospel?

Studying the Bible: Part III

Christians are called to read the Bible devotionally, obediently, and prayerfully while depending on the Holy Spirit, working through faith, to bring about Christ-centered transformation in their lives.  The Holy Spirit transforms individuals into a truer image of Christ by enabling us to correctly understand God’s Word, and empowering us to actively and logically study the Bible.

Read Multiply pgs. 124 – 126 & pgs. 133 – 136.

  1. What does considering the context of verses in the Bible mean?
  2. Why is the context important?

Read Multiply pgs. 127 – 128.

  1. Is there a difference between interpretation and application?
  2. Are there multiple interpretations of scripture?

Read Multiply pgs. 129 – 131.

  1. How do we find the “plain meaning” of scripture?

Read the “Let Go of Your Baggage” Section of Multiply on pg. 136.

  1. Why is it important to abandon our “baggage” when we read the Bible?

S.W.A.G Session

Weekly reminder Pointe Squad about the upcoming S.W.A.G [Students Wholly After God] Session this Sunday, August 18th.  Begin to pray for God’s guidance as we seek Him for the Pointe’s direction this school year.  Ask Him to align our hearts with His, that it will be His will not ours, and that He’d be glorified through our brainstorming.

Also remember the three questions we will be answering this Sunday during your prayers and begin to brainstorm:

  1. Why? [Why does the Pointe exist]
  2. How? [How live out the why]
  3. What? [What are the practical details of the how]

Here is an example to jump start your brain:


To encourage students to grow in their faith through further dependence on God.


Consistently provide opportunities where students  learn about God through studying scripture.


Center Sunday morning fellowship around Biblical teaching.