Grace-Based Salvation

“What is salvation?” is both a relevant and complex question demanding an answer from all individuals.  Many seek the world to obtain salvation, but the Bible teaches the correct answer to the salvation question.  Unfortunately, the answer yields other questions requiring answers:

  1. Do We Earn Salvation, Or Is It Given?
  2. Are There Conditions [Requirements] To Salvation?
  3. Is Salvation Based On Grace through Faith, Or Works?
  4. Can Individuals Lose Salvation?

Keep these questions in mind and read John 3:16, Matthew 5:3, Ephesians 2:1-10, and John 10:29.  How do these passages of scripture address the questions mentioned above?


9 thoughts on “Grace-Based Salvation

  1. I love the picture of God holding me in his hand. It’s such a picture of safety, security, rest and peace, and above all brings me complete confidence…complete assurance that my salvation is eternal!

  2. #jk
    Salvation is a free, non-transfurable, non-returnable gift that was given to us from the Lord when he made the ultimate sacrafice. There is no receipt, no fine print, no Terms of Use and no expected gifts in return. Salvation is our Goodbye present from Jesus. And the only thing that is on the box is a note that reads ; “From: God To: All”

    *Microphone drops*

    • Great thought Demi, and articulated very well. Ponder this: Salvation can be viewed more as a “hello” present because through Jesus’ sacrifice we were enabled to have a relationship with Him, a.k.a God. Jesus’ sacrifice welcomed us to Him and now He is alive inside of us…Hello.

      *Dropped another microphone on your previously dropped microphone*

  3. Well I don’t know how to follow these previous splendid comments. Anyways 1 Peter 4:11 aligns perfectly with our discussion this morning. I thought it was cool because I just stumbled upon this verse and it is almost exactly the point Andrew and the fellow youthers were making. I just thought that

    • I agree. 1 Peter 4:11 is a great depiction of God’s preeminence in our works of faith. When we teach about faith or God we should only speak by God’s truth He provided through scripture, and when we serve it is only through the strength God supplies. Recognizing our ability to perform good works is only possible through God’s provision (received through faith) brings glory to Christ.

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